Little Yeti

I am a big fan of fashion from the 90’s and the early 00’s. After all, I am a 90’s baby. It seems to me that grunge is making a comeback in the urban fashion. Those faux fur jackets have been everywhere lately. And you have to admit they are cool, and fluffy. Imagine yourself dancing in one of those, getting all disheveled !

  • This is our original “fur” jacket by Tim Ryan. It is in Mohair (This is goat hair for those who were wondering). Price: $2100.
  • Here are our Ersätze.

1- Fuse shag jacket-ombre price $59, (100% wool), it will keep you warm. The back of the jacket is cropped, you should definitely check it out. On Nasty gal.

2- Fantasy faux fur coat price $84 (100% polyester). On Nasty gal.

3- Dark streak faux fur jacket price price $228 (100% polyester). On Nasty gal.

4- Mongolian fur jacket price $80 (100% synthetic). On Asos. It says it is for petite women, but it will fit regular girls just fine, I have seen that model’s stats somewhere, and know she is 5’7.



  1. Great post – love your choices of yetti inspired jackets too! Do you remember the one from Lanvin for H&M?

    1. I never shop at H&M so I did not know about Lanvin’s collaboration on a faux fur jacket. I checked it out, but it was back in 2010 !
      Anyways, thank you for the comment. I checked your blog, I like your style, it’s bold, you use patterns, and I love them 🙂

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