Get Miranda kerr’s thigh high slit burgundy dress for less

Miranda's dress - Copie

The gown was designed by Zuhair Murad. I know some of his dresses can cost up to $21 000. A tad expensive if you ask me. Gorgeous Miranda wore that gown for 2013 Golden Globes ceremony. She paired it with golden accessories, which is a safe move. She picked a silk satin clutch and a pair of satin criss-cross sandals (her dress being also made out of cloth, she played it safe,once again, not mixing materials). The dress is romantic but sexy at the same time. Can’t regular girls shine too ?

  • I found dresses that looked like the original one and created three looks out of three them.

1st Look:

This is my least favorite dress. I do not like the way the jersey material falls. I do not like either the fact that the dress is cut out. But I know some girls like their cut-out jersey dresses. And it was cheap. I would say, for an average girl, it is difficult to look classy in such a dress. That is why I picked golden accessories, as they are very conventional (people tend to associate gold and red often). I cannot guarantee you will look good in that dress if you have small breasts. I recommend opting for a nude make up style.

Dress on Asos, price $51  Golden Leather Clutch on Johnlewis, price $150 Golden shoes on Chineselaundry, price 50$

2sd look is my favourite one.

The dress is made out of THICK jersey. The cut is flattering, the slit high enough that it will show off your legs even though you are short. The color becomes most skintones and is discreet, hence, enabling you to take risks when accessorizing it. I assembled an edgy-sexy look. Let’s be bold and put together turquoise and red, which are complementary colors, and mix patterns and materials as well. I recommend, pink or nude lips as red lips could make the whole look too dramatic.

Dress on Asos, price $68  Nine West Iridescent clutch on Zappos, price $46 (They sell the clutch in 3 different colors I am showing you the “pink AB” version) Shoes are in fabric: You can find them on Karmaloop (size 5.5 only, sold for $16) or on amazone (for $68 though)

3rd Look.

Its cut makes it very interesting. I picked conventional black&white accessories to create a futuristic and avant-garde style. The dress is convertible, the veiled part is detachable. I like that the top looks slightly Grecian.

Dress found on Modcloth, price $45, Shoes are in patent leather and can be found here, Those shoes are nice too and have more sizes and colors to chose from, Leather clutch on SaksfithAvenue. It’s in leather price $46.

Both Asos dresses are labelled :”exclusive petite collection”, which is just a marketing move. The girls modelling the dressed are both around 5’7-5’9. I once bought items from the Asos petite collection and found them as big on me as those of the regular collection. Even though you are 5’9, you’ll be fine with those dresses. I would pick outfit number 2 or 3 to impress a guy on a date and keep bold outfit number 1 for a girls’ night out.

  • I also realized that the modcloth dress is almost out of stock, so  I picked three other options.
Miranda's red dress other options

Dress n°4 is very “in”. Found on Bohoo price $30. It has that double slits style going on. A style that has been sported by many celebrities this fall and winter seasons such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Teyana Taylors, Solange Knowles, Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie (although the latter did not successfully worked that style). You might want to wear thick boyshorts, or a shaper as the material of that dress is unforgiving.

Dress n°5, price $273. It is elegant and red carpet like. Coast stores says it has a very thigh high split although it is not obvious on pictures. There is no way of dressing down that dress, thus making it best suited for formal events such as a cocktail party or a prom. It does remind me of Julia Robert’s opera dress in pretty woman, don’t you agree ? J

 Dress n°6 is on Gojane, price $37. Now, this is what I call some high thigh slits !  I like how the dress is gathered at the front. The back is cut out.
  • Now we must all understand that they are limits to reproducing a look, first limit being money, and the second limit being real life conditions. With that said, I present you with my “Which dress not to pick”.

In my opinion, you should NOT buy dress n°7 (found it on Asos). Or any other kind of dress that sweeps the floor. Here are some sensible reasons as to why not:

1st you guys are not invited to a party to clean the floor as you walk (and you probably won’t get paid for it).

2nd, most of you guys are not 5’10, which means you will have to hem that train, which means the dress will look less spectacular.

3rd, during parties, liquids get spilled, meaning your train will get soaked and smeared with dirt.

4th, people will think you are overdoing it, and that you are not at a golden globes ceremony, nor at a prom.

5th, you are at high risk of tripping over your own train, or of having someone step on your train, which could lead to your dress being ripped, or to you being suddenly stripped.


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  1. Hahah your little speech bubble is so cheeky! Love it!

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