Those Chloe boots were made for walking…

Chloe boots

I saw those lovely Chloe studded ankle boots and fell in love. Then I saw their price: $1345 and I was heartbroken ! Here are some cheaper options I found. Some are almost identical, some are not, but they all “fit the bill” 😉 . Are those, rebound boots ??

  • Original bad boys, CHLOE sky blue studded Suzanna boots, price $1345
  • Cheaper options:

1- Green Twin boots, on Gojane, 100% sythetic, price $30

2- Messeca boots, on Misskl, Price $114, 100% genuine suede leather

3- Vince Camuto boots on Shoebox, 100% genuine leather, price $130

4- Asos loafers, 100% textile, price $76

Asos has a “copy” of Chloe boots, except they are black, have a round toe, and are boring. I did not include them in my collage for that reason, but nonetheless, here’s the link to them, 100% genuine leather, price $115


Forever21 is also having its version of Chloe boots, in red. 100% synthetic, price $40



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