Baroque Overalls

salopette friends

Here is the focus of our outfit, those denim topshop overalls, price $76. Let’s accessorize them so we can look like modern Marie-Antoinette (s), and not like we are about to fix stuff around the house ^^.

  • Comments on look n°1:

This look is very rococo and romantic. Those tights are slate grey, so they merge with the overalls. They also match our lavender blush Mary-Janes (which are very Richelieu-like by the way). As a rule, we can remember that a monochrome look helps elongate a figure, and limbs. Watch the coral rococo patterns on those tights, I used them as ornaments. The patterns are paired with the red bow tie.

White shirt on Yoox, 100% silk, brand Ana Pieres (bought it in pink for my mom, it looks great, nice quality). Price $51

Pattern tights on Pret à beauté Price $28

Lavender Mary Jane on DSW, 100% synthetic, Price $60

Bow tie on forever21, Price $8

  • Comments on look n°2:

This one is romantic but daring. These suspender tights in trompe l’oeil are very sexy! They accentuate the courtesan look created thanks to the frilly shirt. The sneakers are very baroque with those gold medallions. They are the cool factor of the outfit, without them, the outfit would be too dramatic. The sneakers and tights are black, hence, making your legs appear longer. You will be sure to have male eyes on your legs and on your shoes.

Sandy brown silk shirt on YooxBrand Manila Grace, 90% silk and 10% elasthane (it is a comfy shirt), Price $196

Adam lion sneakers on Misskl, Price $195

Faux garter tights on Reveolveclothing, Price $32

Hope you liked those two outfits 🙂


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