Hi everyone !

I am a French student who enjoys fashion.

I am trying to have a healthy lifestyle, which consists in eating better, exercising regularly, loving people, and enjoying being alive. It also includes spending less money on things i.e, on clothes.

I believe in interconnections and think that fashion and dating are intertwined. I do not want to sound like Erving Goffman, but you are what you wear.

It is a fact we use our clothes to present ourselves to the world,  to express what we are and what we want. People, women AND men can read those information. Together, let’s learn how to maximize fashion to our best advantage !

I am straightforward and hate sugar-coating things, you have been warned !

I like getting feedback, if you agree or disagree with me somewhere let me know and let’s learn from one another.

Thank you for your visit 🙂



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